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A Glimpse of Recent Interactions with Public Entities

IQSSL Notice for All IQSSL Members

Last updated on 22 March 2021
General Notice

A Glimpse of IQSSL’s Recent Interactions with Public Entities for the Benefit of its Members and the Development of QS Profession in Sri Lanka

As the apex professional body for the Quantity Surveying Profession in Sri Lanka, the IQSSL continuously and tirelessly engage with various government entities for the betterment of its valued members and to uplift the QS profession in Sri Lanka. The following are a few glimpses of such interactions with various government entities in IQSSL’s efforts to provide a better service to the profession during the past one year.

1. Defining Scope of Work authorised to be handled by Qualified Persons relevant to QS Profession

The IQSSL is closely associating with CIDA on matters relevant to the QS Profession. As a part of this process, the IQSSL defined the scope of work authorised to be carried out by the Qualified Persons in the QS Profession in the categories of Chartered Quantity Surveyor, Quantity Surveyor and Assistant Quantity Surveyor.

2. Raising concerns of QS Firms on CIDA Act Amendments

The IQSSL forwarded the concerns of Quantity Surveying Firms in Sri Lanka, where the Directors or Sole Proprietors are Corporate Members of the Institute, expressing their concerns with regards to the proposed amendment Act and the regulations published in the existing Act.  

3. Liaising with Ministries to include Quantity Surveying as a “Profession” in relevant Legislations and Regulatory Documents of the Government and Semi Government Sector Organisations  

The IQSSL wrote to the relevant Ministries in early last year (2020) requesting the recognition of Quantity Surveying as a “Profession” in relevant Legislations and Regulatory Documents of the Government and Semi Government Sector Organisations. The Institute elaborated the importance of the QS Profession and the services rendered by its Members and requested the relevant Ministries to make necessary arrangements to recognize Quantity Surveying as a Profession in the public regulatory system.

4. Liaising with relevant Departments and Commissions of the Government to include Quantity Surveying as a “Profession” in the Legislations and Regulatory Documents  

Further enhancing on its effort to recognise Quantity Surveying as a “Profession” in relevant Legislations and Regulatory Documents of the Government and Semi Government Sector Organisations, IQSSL communicated with the relevant Departments and the Commission of the Government to expedite the process.

5. Raising Concerns on behalf of members on distribution of QS works and services of Government Projects

The IQSSL wrote to the Urban Development Authority (UDA) late last year (2020) highlighting its concerns on the adopted procurement strategy in the upcoming developments where neither the Members of the Institute nor the QS Firms registered with the Institute are given opportunities to provide pre/post contract services. The Institute emphasized the importance of the QS Profession and the value addition the Quantity Surveyors could bring about in the areas of Cost Management and Contract Management of the upcoming large scale projects which are of public interest. Thereby, the IQSSL requested to seriously consider providing opportunities for its Members in these important projects.

6. Proposed amendments to the Regulations of UDA Law No 41 of 1978 and Section 8 of the UDA (Amendment) Act No 4 of 1982

The IQSSL expressed its concerns that the proposed amendments do not recognize the inputs from the QS Profession with regards to Project Budgets, certifying BOQs, final account status at the CoC of projects and green building practices. In addition, the Institute proposed the following to be included in the amendments to the Act:  

a. Amend or implement regulations that the services of a Chartered Quantity Surveyor shall be obtained to prepare feasibility inputs on construction costs, budget estimates, BOQ and bid documentation

b. Make compulsory that the Contractors shall seek the services of independent Chartered Quantity Surveyors for Quantity Surveying functions when they prepare bids for projects to be procured under Design and Build or other integrated procurement methods.

7. Highlighting areas where Quantity Surveyors are essential in terms of Acts.

Followed by a successful meeting with the UDA Authorities, the IQSSL highlighted to necessary authorities the areas where the Quantity Surveyors’ services are highly valuable in delivering services in accordance with the UDA Act. The Institute stressed the importance of the QS Profession and how the services of the QSs can bring about immense benefits to government projects.  

8. Providing Views and Opinions on the Commercial Laws

In response to a letter of request by the relevant Ministry regarding views and opinions on the development of Commercial Laws in Sri Lanka, the IQSSL submitted its Views on Law Relevant to QS Profession and Other Concerns of the QS Profession.

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22 March 2021
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