Member Zone is a dedicated area for members with user accounts at IQSSL.LK. Members are first required to login with credentials (username and password) provided to them. Members are advice to keep their login credential secure. Procedure to change the password and recover password is described later in this document.


Accessing Member Zone

Member Zone opens in a separate column on left side of the web browser. Click on button on the left of the menu shown in figure below to access the Member Zone.

user menu button

Once opened, you will see a login form. Enter the username and password provided to you. Hit “Login”. If you see no error message, your login is successful. Click again on the Member Zone button to view User Options available to you.

Note: Some browsers (e.g. Opera) may prevent this form from opening. If you face this, try a different browser (e.g. Internet explore, Chrome, Firefox)

user login form


Password Forgotten

If you can not remember the password, click on the “Forgot Login” link below the Login button in Member Zone (refer above figure).  Follow the on-screen instructions. You will have to provide the primary email address you have registered with IQSSL.LK. To assure accuracy, it is recommended to copy-paste your email address from your email client. You will receive the password recovery link to that email address.


Member Profile

Each member has his/her own profile page in our website. These profiles are linked to the Membership Directory. Most information, including member’s profile image can be updated by the member; and the Institute expects members to maintain these information up-to-date. Select User Profile from Member Zone to access your profile.



Editing User Information

Click on “Edit” button on the top of your User Profile page and select “Update Your Profile”. 


There are Four tabs on your profile page.

  • Portrait
  • Member Info
  • Personal Data
  • Public Profile


This is your profile image. See below for instructions on updating your image.

Member Info

Basic member information is updated only by website administrator. You can not change information listed on this tab. However, this is where you can change your password.

Personal Data

Keeping personal data up-to-date is critical as there will be increased reliance on information on your personal data for communication and related purposes. Data in this tab is not visible to others (including other members). Only authorised users (site administrators) will access this data. An exemtion to this is that your country of residence will be visible to other members once they login.

Public Profile

Public profile tab is publicly visible; i.e. any visitor to the website can view information on this tab. While encouraging you to include your professional information here, you are strongly advised only to include information you wish to make openly available.

Update the data fields with current and accurate information. Once done, hit on “Update” button in the bottom of the profile.



Updating Profile Image

Click on “Edit” button and select “Update Your Image”. Read the description given about the image file to be uploaded. Create an image file in your computer to comply the prescription. A JPG image is recommended.

Select “Choose File” and brows and select (open) the above file in your computer. Hit “Upload”. Your image will appear in your profile after a website administrator verifies it compliance.

If you find it difficult to modify your image to comply with the specification, email your image to us from your registered email address, and we would do the needful.


Publishing in Web

The IQSSL Web Team will publish information on web which come from relevant board chair persons upon approval of secretary. If you are planning to submit any information for publishing in IQSSL web, please read this guide