Only the Corporate Members of Institute of Quantity Surveyors Sri Lanka are entitled by law, to use the title Chartered Quantity Surveyor in Sri Lanka. There are different pathways made available by the Institute for a competent person to become a Corporate Member, i.e. an Associate Member (A.I.Q.S.SL) of the Institute. A Fellow Member is also a Corporate Member of the Institute, who is recognized for valuable services rendered to the profession while being an Associate Member.

Membership Categories and Paths to Membership

The Institute consists of seven (7) categories of membership as follows:-

  • Fellow members
  • Associate members
  • Graduate members
  • Registered members
  • Technical members
  • Probationary members
  • Student members

Membership Routes 08 08 19


*- Student Membership under Rule 17 (ii) is granted to persons who are not employed in Approved Employment but following a Quantity Surveying course recognised by the Institute as an undergraduate or student at the College of Quantity Surveying or a university, tertiary educational institution or any other educational institution recognized by the Institute. Student Members of this category, subject to other conditions, are not considered as Student members who are eligible candidates to sit for the examinations conducted by the Institute.

APCAssessment of Professional Competence.

ATCAssessment of Technical Competence.

Accredited degrees - View the list of IQSSL Accredited Degrees here

GMQE - View details of Graduate Member Qualifying Examination

Approved Employment - Starting from 2019, for all purposes of APC and ATC, Approved Employment shall mean gaining of work experience under a Chartered Quantity Surveyor only. Any deviations to this will be considered only upon a written request made in that respect, on a case by case basis with no precedents.

Fellow Membership applicants are advised to refer Fellow Member Applications Assessment Form for Evaluatiors, to better understand how they should compile their submission.

It shall be noted that this graphical representation of “Route to Membership of IQSSL” is for purposes of general information only. Memberships are governed by Rules of the Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Sri Lanka, as may be applicable from time to time. For any relevant inquiries on Memberships, please forward your queries in brief to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • Members to all grades of membership shall be enrolled by the Council of the Institute.No Member shall be enrolled unless a proper application on the prescribed form, has been received by the Secretary of the Institute.
  • Corporate Members as above may use the following abbreviated designation after their names :-
    • Fellow members - F.I.Q.S.SL
    • Associate members - A.I.Q.S.SL
  • Graduate members, Registered members, Technical members, Probationary members and Student members shall not be so designated and shall not be entitled to use anyof the Institute's recognised letters of qualification.

Application Forms

Refer Downloads section for relevant documents. If a standard application is not provided for the intended purpose, apply through a letter addressed to Honarary Secretary of the Institute. Include your IQSSL membership number (if available) and contact details in the letter.

All Members shall observe the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics of the Institute.

View Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics – Principles of IQSSL

Members are expected to pay attention to the following Rules, among others:

- The Annual Subscriptions shall be paid in full direct to the Institute by each respective Member of the Institute, both in Sri Lanka and overseas, such subscriptions shall be paid in advance and payment shall become due on 1 April in each year as stipulated in “Annual Subscriptions and Fees”

If any Member shall leave his subscription in arrears for six (6) months he shall be suspended from the membership of the Institute. If he shall fail to pay such arrears within three (3) months after written notice of his default has been given to him by the Secretary of the Institute, his name may be struck off from the Register of Members of the Institute, by the Council at any time afterwards and he shall thereupon cease to have the rights as a Member of the Institute, but he shall nevertheless continue liable to pay the arrears of subscriptions due at the time at which his name was struck off. Provided always that the striking off as aforesaid shall be at the discretion of the Council and subject to the By-laws and such further conditions as may be prescribed by the Council.