Prof. CalderaA tall man with a pink shirt and earth color trouser wanted to see that no one walking on the corridor. He wanted everyone to be seated at the right table. He wanted to see that all the lecturers are sharp on time. He did not need all the bling, and did not want to do what all others wanted to do. He was confident with what he did. However, time had come for him to leave us at the age of fifty four. A true intellectual left us at a time the entire university network had been closed.

It was Professor H.P. Siri Caldera who was a strict disciplinarian possessed of versatile talents and who never ever flaunt it. Such an outstanding personality acted as an example to all others how to ‘work on time’ and ‘with a true commitment’. Therefore, this write up is penned as a tribute to that memory. Professor Caldera was the founder...


Tony MiskinMr. Tony Preena Miskin is a founder member, the 1st Hony Secretary and the 2nd President of the IQSSL. The inaugural meeting of the IQSSL has been recorded on 4th July 1983 at Mr. Miskin’s office in Colombo. He is also responsible for drafting the constitution of the IQSSL.

Recognized as one of the pioneers of the Quantity Surveying profession in Sri Lanka, Mr. Miskin was a Colombo Plan scholar to study Quantity Surveying at the RMIT University in Melbourne, subsequent to his technical studies at then the Institute of Practical Technology. He began his career at the Buildings Department (former Public Works Department) in Sri Lanka, and later joined Design Consortium Ltd as a Director. He was also Managing Director of Miskin & Partners - the first private firm of Quantity Surveying in Sri Lanka, established in the year 1979.

A.R.M.I.T. (QS), Dip.Q.S.(Aust), F.A.I.Q.S., F.R.I.C.S., A.I.Arb.(Aust.), F.I.Q.S.SL

ChandrasenaMr. Hettiarachchige Don Chandrasena, usually named as H.D.Chandrasena, is the 3rd in line as the President of the IQSSL and is the senior most Quantity Surveyor in Sri Lanka at the moment. He was the Deputy General Manager (Consultancy Services) of the State Engineering Corporation (S.E.C.) of Sri Lanka and was also the Chief Quantity Surveyor of the S.E.C. for nearly 18 years.

He is amongst five other peer contemporaries to take part in the inaugural meeting of the IQSSL held on 4th July 1983. At the second meeting held on 1st December 1983, he was in the first office bearers of the institute, elected to the office of the Vice President. Since then, Mr. Chandrasena has been a pillar of strength behind many landmark achievements of the institute. These include ...

PhD (Law), M.Sc.(bld)Aust, B.Sc.(QS)Aust, B.Sc.(BE) Colombo , Arch(Aus), ARAIA, FAIQS, FIA(SL), FRICS, F.I.Q.S.SL

Prof. WeddikkaraProfessor Chitra Suranganee Weddikkara is the immediate past President of the IQSSL, holding a record of the longest-serving President. Affably known as Chitra amongst her peer contemporaries, Professor Chitra Weddikkara has been an internationally renowned personality in the construction sector. She is a professor of building economics, chartered architect, chartered quantity surveyor, an external examiner, a mentor, and an administrator.

Born as the eldest daughter in a family of five children in Negombo, her primary education started at the Ave Maria Convent in Negombo. For secondary education, she entered into the Good Shepherd College in Kotahena, Colombo. Qualified in Architecture in the year 1975, ...